Simple Sleep Spell

  • Make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea to ground your energy first (I use Pukka night time organic)!
  • Pouch (or jewellery bag)
  • Sprigs of lavender, thyme or chamomile – used throughout centuries for relaxation, warding off bad energies and deep sleep
  • Rose quartz and Amethyst crystals – relieves anxiety and calms
  • One pink candle
  • Paper with written chant 

Sit down on a cushion legs crossed. Light the candle, take three very deep breaths in through your nose filling your lungs with positive energy and golden light and out through your mouth negative energy. Visualise yourself falling asleep and your night time wishes and prayers coming true in the morning!

‘By this candle and remedy I will sleep deep
Love and positivity I will keep
In the morning the sun will rise
I will feel blissful and revived
May all my wishes come true
By the love and light in me, so must it be, so shall it be.
Blessed be x 3

Snuff the candle out and place the bag under or by your pillow. You should feel fabulous in the morning!

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