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Psychic Angel

Welcome to Psychic Angel, online home to one of the UK’s Top International Psychics, Katherine!

This is my online spiritual home where you can write a review, explore all my website features, free interactive readings, spiritual blogs, resources and recommendations to help you on your journey to finding health, wealth, happiness, peace and love!

Feel free to comment and interact on my Blogs, IG and Facebook pages! You can also write us a review of my products and services!

I also have a shop Orchid Rose where you can buy gorgeous, luxury, holistic products. Including scented candles by Cavill & Wicks. We have an exclusive partnership and are the only retailer in the UK for their brand! I also have my own product range, Orchid Rose aromatherapy bath and body products. We have some amazing offers, grab them while they last!

Your Psychic

Katherine is a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Healer and Intuitive Life Coach. She works on a deep soul level to give you peace of mind and clarity on your life. With over 15 years professional experience having worked for established, award winning companies and at Selfridges London. Having done thousands of readings for clients from all walks of life, from all over the world, including well known individuals and celebrities.

Readings List

20 minute reading: A reading dedicated to answering a specific question, this is ideal if you are short of time and or on a limited budget.
30 minute reading: A specific reading to give you clarity on a specific situation, ask up to three questions.
60 Minute reading: Relax and unwind, ask as many questions as you want within the hour. Enjoy a more in-depth look on your life, get further clarity and focus, moving forward enlightened on your path.

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New Year Offer

One Hour Tarot Reading: £35

(was £60)

What area in your life would you like a reading on?


Relationships are one of the most popular areas to focus on. We can discuss all matters of the heart in a safe, healing space. Relationships can be the most amazing, passionate, experiences, yet the most complicated and painful. I am here to answer your relationship questions and help give you clarity on your situation. We will see how someone genuinely feels about you, if the relationship will progress further and overall see if there is a future. I am here to listen and offer insightful spiritual guidance.


I am here to listen, offer insightful, spiritual guidance on your marriage.
I will offer a healing space for you to gain peace of mind and clarity on your situation.
No matter what issues you are facing, I will be able to give support and guidance. I will always do my best to empower you so you can find happiness in your marriage.


If you are going through a divorce, amicable or unamicable, we are here to offer support and spiritual guidance To give you strength and confidence to empower yourself to make the best possible decisions and ensure a positive outcome.


Issues with your sister, brother or mother- in -law? We can give you clarity on all different kinds of family situations. To ensure you get peace of mind, clarity and confidence. Moving forward to make the best possible decisions for your higher self and your family.


It can be tough sometimes, when communication with a friend has broken down or there seem to be blocks in the way. I will offer spiritual guidance and clear insight on your friendships. To ensure you get clarity on the people closest to you. To ensure that they are positive, genuine and only have your best intentions at heart.

Work and career

We offer spiritual guidance and clarity on your current work situation, career goals and aspirations. Giving you the confidence to give you the best possible chance to pursue your career dreams.


We can focus the reading on your wellbeing, mind, body and soul. Offer spiritual guidance to give you peace of mind and clarity. To get you in the best position possible on your path. We don’t discuss specific health issues, please consult your doctor if you have a serious problem. We believe in prevention rather than cure through vitamins, mindfulness and a positive healthy lifestyle. With the power of the mind being the core foundation of good health.

General guidance

We can offer a general reading and overview of your life, to ensure you are on the right path. To make you aware of any blockages in your way so you can deal with them and move forward positively. I am here to provide a safe environment for you to share any personal traumas that are holding you back from your true soul purpose and to help you heal.

Past lives, dreams, Angels and Guides

It can sometimes feel overwhelming when our loved ones who have passed, visit us in dreams. Or when we get a vision or meet a person from a past life. Feel free to share your experience with me and I will help guide you. Help interpret messages you receive from your guides and angels.


I have had many, many readings with Katherine over the years and she's FANTASTIC. Highly skilled with accurate predictions, her timings about events unfolding are spot-on - a huge THANK YOU. Alex xxx


Katherine is a highly gifted reader with the ability to connect on a deep level and provide validating details regarding points of interest. She is particularly strong in relationships and provides thorough insight as to issues, timing, and the path forward. Each time I've spoken with Katherine, it felt as though I was connecting with an old friend - a lovely and pleasant lady to work with

Addison K.

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